We have school t-shirts available now via online ordering at PMGSchoolGear.com

Students may also wear solid color polo shirts with no designs or embellishments in our school colors. Shirts must be tucked at all times.


Shoes must be safe and appropriate for school, having an enclosed heel or a heel strap. Sneakers are highly recommended. Flip flops, slides, and sandals without a heel strap are not allowed.


Navy Blue, Khaki/Tan, jeans or black shorts, pants, skorts, or skirted jumpers.

Bottoms must be plain, solid color with no rips, holes, or designs and they must be of twill or denim fabric. Bottoms must be worn at the waist and be no shorter than mid-thigh. Leggings, sweatpants or basketball shorts are not allowed.

Winter Wear:

School-approved hoodies and long-sleeve t-shirts are available now via online ordering at PMGSchoolGear.com 

Students may wear a solid white t-shirt underneath their school shirt if an undershirt is needed.

Attendance Policy

Regular school attendance plays a key role in your child’s future. Each time a student is absent or tardy from class, they miss important instruction and assignments.

The school day starts at 7:55 am and ends at 3:00 pm for students. Students arriving after 7:45 am must be checked in by a parent through the Main Office.

Parents can check their child’s attendance record through the Polk Parent Portal.

Please see the Office for Login information.

Important information about attendance:

  • You must submit a doctor’s excuse in order for your child’s absence to be marked excused once s/he has missed 10 days.
  • 5 tardies or early dismissals count as 1 unexcused absence
  • The child must be present more that 50% of the day to be counted as present.

Visitor Policy

Please bring a Driver’s License or ID card each time you visit the school campus. All visitors MUST sign in at the office and receive a visitor’s ID sticker. The visitor’s sticker must be worn while on campus. A visitor is defined as anyone who is not an employee or student at the school.